Tear the Roof off the Mother, Sucker

After living in this house with its niggling and intractable issues, enduring ten years of the previous owners's ham-fisted "improvements," it hurts like I can't tell you to be spending a huge amount of money to fix it up. The house suffered because we had no money; now we have some, but wish to move. Always the Gift of the Magi.

In the case of the roof, the repair is not really optional, but the work has also been a lot more complicated than we expected because, like anything when you start to dig at it a bit, the roof was in worse shape than we could have imagined.

At least the tenants will get to enjoy it.

At least I'm moving into a house with more than one water line.

This is really hard. Not to mention the constant hammering and all the saw dust and roofing debris being created in the attic, which of course we hadn't thought to empty first. So now in order to throw out my JUNK I will have to vacuum it off first. (This crap is in addition to the trash I'm paying professionals to move to the new house.) (The boxes of Christmas ornaments shown above are NOT garbage, unless they get uncleanably dusty.)

I will be happy when this is over.

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