Kid Theology, Part 1

When Short Stack was less than 2, with a vocabulary under 50 words, she learned to blow kisses.

And one winter night at bedtime she was gazing at the stars out her window. She smiled, brought the pinched fingers of both hands to her eyes and burst them out toward the sky. She laughed, facing the glass with open palms.

She had blown kisses, with her eyes, to the stars.

I still don’t have words to express that feeling more eloquently.

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Star said...

Love it!!

Add Holidays & Anniversaries.

Suzann said...

I have been working in my head and heart to make a "Grief Project" I have had many ideas and motivations. When I began I was too wounded to do some of the things I wanted - this is a good idea - if you are interested in talking more email me after Thanksgiving - there are resources to do something - love and hugs


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