Do You Have "The Pan?"

I am working on a funny post about this stupid idiot roasting pan, the one in the left sink above, the one that you’re not supposed to use because it’s a piece of crap but you have to keep it because it goes with your stove. You know “the pan?” You’ve got one, too, I’m sure. It came with the house.

But I can’t publish it because Mr. Fresh and I are having a fight about the move. He's upstairs in a huff. He doesn't read this, but no need to stoke flames with the universe.

Anyway, "the pan" is covered in chicken grease because someone didn’t know you are not supposed to ever use that pan.

I’m hoping the post will pass for Bloggess material when it’s done, at least in the amount that it threatens the author’s marriage, but in the meantime, you can look at the pretty picture.

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Lonesome Dove said...

Funny you post about a roasting pan. I went to the store tonight and bought a roasting pan. Not to use for cooking, but to use as a cat litter box. My research has shown that metal pans are better than the usual plastic pans at controlling odors. You would have thought that after 25+ years of owning cats, I would have figured that out a little sooner.

Supa Dupa Fresh said...

Hi Dove,
What a coincidence! Although with Thanksgiving approaching, I imagine pans are a big topic these days.

Carol Scibelli said...

Hold on, Grasshoppers...help is on the way...I too, struggled for years with greasy, discusting broiler/roasting pans...just because as you said, "They came with the oven."
One day, while buying something else I came across NEW SHINY ONES...and realized..."Gee, I can buy this and just toss the other."
I used the new one until it, also got too grimmy to clean...and bought another. This went on until my cousin said she just buys the aluminum - one use and throw away kind...and there you go...never again did I use anything else..and if someone is snooping in your oven...it looks clean clean clean.

Supa Dupa Fresh said...


Yeah, I have a nice Pyrex one and IT doesn't smell like burning metal when you use it, either. But the man of the house didn't know.

Disposable aluminum pans? Now there's an idea. I'm over 40, why waste time scrubbing? WIN!




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