Women over 40! Manifesto

A flashback to February -- a short presentation I made in church as part of a "BYO Manifesto" service:

Women over 40!
1. Get out there and get it!.
2. If you’re already getting it, get more and get it better.
3. SAY IT in your own words to the right person.
4. You are at your peak. Your body is brimming over with wisdom. Don’t let the past or your personality or your godforsaken brilliant brain stop you.
5. Listen to your body when it talks. Ask it a lot of questions. Let it surprise you and ask again later.
6. You’re not any type, and you don't have a type.
7. Never compromise but do be patient.
   a. If you can’t be patient right this minute, that's okay. Try to be patient later. (See how patient you are?)
8. Buy that COSMO in the checkout line.
9. Pun. Listen for your Freudian slips.
10. Find peers and gossip mercilessly with them.
   a. Recruit cheerleaders.
12. Shower.
13. Practice.
14. Learn how to text.
15. Curse like a sailor.
   a. Avoid sailors.
16. Go to a museum. Take ballet classes again. Watch Buffy reruns.
17. Buy your own goddamn jewelry.
18. Laugh as loud as you need to, no matter what.
19. Be dangerously honest in bed.
   a. Always be safe but never worry about security.
20. Don't listen to me too much. You'll find your own way.


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