Three Girls, and You Can See They Tummy

SS asked me, "Play that song, I was dancing to it with Nellie."

What song is it?

"You know, it go, '(unintelligible) girls, (unintelligible) girls' like that. A girl singing."

I look back and the last played is "I love the nightlife" and then "Call me." At least they are girls singing.

"That not it. Let me see the picture."

That's the other iPod, this one doesn't show the picture.

"YOU KNOW IT! It three girls and you can see they tummy." I was sure it was some teeny-bopper thing, but there is so much stuff on there, and her temper was short, so I gave up.

When Nellie next showed up, we had the answer -- "Typical Girls" from:

I should have known. It was my favorite when I was 16, Nellie's age.


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