A Less Urgent Blogger

I'm somewhat ashamed to be using this immediate, vivid, fast format to process things that happened several years ago. I'm jealous of the urgency of some bloggers who tell the truth about their daily lives each day, and get feedback on what to do. People who make real friends around them in fake space. Women with book contracts and Moms with ad revenues.

I'm almost certain my "new normal" life is going to be boring, and I hope it will be so for a long, long time. I plan to improve myself and raise my child, and remind my inner child it's safe outside.

This life is no story, compared with the horrible medical mishaps and misaligned relationships while my husband was dying -- or the tales of virtual sexual dysfunction spawned by my brief, thrilling foray into the world of 40-something single men.

Now, THOSE are stories. And they will come. I will write out the buried wounds, I swear, as time passes. In the meantime, be patient with me (since I'm not patient with anyone) and come back another time.


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