Camp Widow East 2012: linky/list of all the blog posts

Let's create a master list of links to all the review of Camp Widow 2012. Please send me your blog links by email or in a comment. Thank you!

Posts about Camp Widow East:
  1. Fresh Widow: Camp Widow, first East Coast event, review and Camp Widow East: I sent a note to the sea AND Me Reading at the Blog Slam
  2. Connie's Project Reclaim: Camp Widow East, the glass is both half empty and half full and The widowed blog slam AND Learned Optimism
  3. Greggie's Widow: The desire to try something new
  4. Janine TXMomx6: A Long Goodbye
  5. Crazy Widow: From Camp Widow and Beyond
  6. Cyna (27): Camp Widow and Part 2: Lessons in Loss and Living
  7. Reduced Shakespeare Company interview with Matthew Croke, Episode 284: The Widow's Voice (podcast for download, 20 minutes... but very good!)
  8. Yours?
Posts about Camp Widow West: 

It hasn't happened yet! You can still join us. Read more.

1 comment:

Connie said...

Thanks for doing this and for including all 3 of mine. ;) I've even thought about writing a 4th...will let ya know if I do. :)


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