Bloggers, Win a Scholarship to Camp Widow! UPDATED with all entries!

  • THIS POST IS UPDATED with all the posts from entrants. The contest is CLOSED! Thanks to all who participated or helped spread the word!
In August, Camp Widow, the premier event for connecting widows and widowers, will held for the THIRD YEAR.  Please visit the website for location, list of speakers and workshops, registration, and (my favorite) Frequently Asked Questions. This is the only event run by a non profit organization BY widowed people and it's an exception weekend of support, new friends, and the freedom to "come as you are" -- where EVERYONE "gets it." The event is inclusive (men, women, LGBT, all ages, all parenting statuses) with content and social events to meet all needs and interests.

I strongly encourage widowed folks to attend. To make it easier, I am helping to run this blogging contest, funded by a group of friends.

Widowed Bloggers -- win a ticket to Camp Widow!
Write a post sharing WHY you want to attend Camp Widow 2011. Notify us that you posted by leaving a comment on this post (below) to make sure we see it (you can also send us a note.)

Camp Widow is a exceptional weekend for widowed people of all ages. We will choose one (possibly two) bloggers to receive a PARTIAL scholarship that covers Camp registration and some incidental expenses. NO ACTUAL CAMPING IS INVOLVED. Learn more about this event, which is in its third year, at campwidow.org.

How do I enter?
Please write and publish a blog post telling the world WHY you wish to attend. You can include topics such as how you expect to benefit, or share about some of the widowed people you've already met. You do not need to demonstrate financial need though if you wish to write a separate note discussing your financial circumstances, you may do so.

Who is eligible to compete?
Widows and widowers of all ages who started blogging before 4/1/11 and who are interested in attending Camp Widow 2011. Please note: you should be prepared to pay for and arrange your travel to and from, and your lodging in San Diego. (We can help you find a roommate to reduce costs). If our generous donors can pay more, they will, but please don't apply unless you are prepared to make the trip (including arranging child care, taking time off work, etc.).

Summary and dates
  • You must publish your blog post AND notify us by midnight EST, * * * Tuesday, June 14. * * *
  • We will notify the winner(s) within 2 weeks.
  • Camp Widow will be held August 12 to 14. Details are at campwidow.org
Winner(s) MUST arrange and purchase their own travel and hotel reservations. Scholarship covers Camp Widow registration fee plus some incidentals.

Questions? Want to help fund this scholarship? We want to hear from you.

(Disclosure: This competition is hosted, managed, and funded by an independent group of widowed bloggers. We're not being compensated for creating this competition and those judging entries are not eligible to win.)

Here are the folks who've entered our competition so far!:
  1. Carolyn, Through a Widow's Eyes, We Widowed as Community, Camp Widow as Village Square
  2. James, JamesPinnick.com, Camp Widow 2011
  3. Christine, Widow Island, A new beginning... again 
  4. Maria, Missing Jorge, Fantasy Camp 
  5. Greggie's Widow, And I thought I loved you then..., Love, Tears, Laughter, Support, (In Person) Hugs... Camp Widow 
  6. Nancy Drew, Get a Clue with..., Camp Widow
  7. MPdaCNA, If I could write a book..., Thursday... It's almost here
  8. C, Letters to Elias, What does it mean?
  9. And our last entry... Kim, Live from the 205, Camp Widow 2011!
These posts are terrific -- thank you! The reviewers will do THEIR THING and read 'em all and winner/s will be notified around July 1. 


Maria said...

Hi Supa,

Just wanted to let you know I've been inspired to write for the first time in a long while. Please see my Camp Widow entry at:


The only caveat is that due to my son's preschool graduation on 8/14, I would only be able to attend on Saturday. Regardless of the outcome of the contest, it was a pleasure writing my blog post "Fantasy Camp." Thank you for giving me a reason to do so. I hope all campers have a blast!


Supa Dupa Fresh said...

LOVE IT! Thanks, Maria! Would be great to meet you!

Brandi / Greggies Widow said...

Hi Supa. I posted my Camp Widow Blog

"Love, Tears, Laughter, Support, (In Person) Hugs … Camp Widow"
you can read it at

Thanks Supa. Hope to see you soon.

Ask Nancy Drew said...

Ready to be happy....
posted on my blog:
love you, nancy drew

MPdaCNA said...

Thanks for kicking me in the butt ... I needed it! http://mypersonalminiseries.blogspot.com/2011/06/thursday-its-almost-here.html

Chelsea said...

I may be past the deadline if it was EST, but I wrote a post about Camp too . . .



Supa Dupa Fresh said...

C, you're good! And some people are even going a little later. I'm just pretending that they live in the South Pacific. :-)

Kim said...

I just posted !! Thanks yall http://livefromthe205.com/2011/06/camp-widow-2011/


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