Wordless Wednesday: 19 nativities and me

Clockwise from upper left: cluster of 8 sort of neutral colored ones inherited from Frances;
white soap nativity I used to make and sell by the dozens; menorah; teeny tiny,
itty bitty nativity from Puebla, Mx., with tapemeasure for scale
(poultry are invisible, do not know why Jesus and manger are separated);
scattered up from lower center is a big Mexican one we gave Frances;
Salvadorean one painted on bean cross sections;
red roof nativity and last loose bits nativity, mine from Mexico.
Plus misc. Mexican sheet tin angels, insufficient quantity of Hanukah candles
and the grave of a broken Chinese goldfish ornament made from a real eggshell.

Not even counting the nativities on the tree, the two that are sort of invisible in the picture, and two more types that I used to make and sell by the dozen (in addition to white and clear soap sets):

These were big hits. I sold at least 100 of each, for $25 (sardine cans) and $12 (matchboxes). If I'd stuck to it, I'd be the very young grandmother (perhaps auntie?) of the Crafty Bastards and this whole postmodern craft thing. It was a PITA, making our own market before Etsy, hell, before the Internet... we did it and loved it, but it couldn't be more than a hobby, at least, not the way I saw it then.

So, given my obsession: Do you believe me when I say I'm not a Christian? Do you think there's more to the nativity story? Does 8 years in infertility explain anything? A craving to repeat innocence? I see it as adoration... all loving through the eyes. But to say I understand it, or that it makes sense... does art need to? Does magic need to make sense at all? (Do only Christians believe in magic? Or innocence?)

I still love these, and looking over my vast empire, 19 tiny Bethlehems all on an endtable, and our decked out white glistening tree, it just makes me want to make things again.


Abby Carter said...

You should make these again. Just adore the sardine tins! You must have had the added benefit of getting all your Omegas in one fell swoop!

Supa Dupa Fresh said...

You would like the soaps, too. You can use them to wash your own Omega. (Wait, maybe that doesn't work.....)

Boo said...

I love these. So much more meaningful than the huge expensive ones ... finding wonder in a sardine can is special, like you!

Kim said...

Maybe the word "believe" is extremely fluid, transient and miraculous. In the end, we are all lifelong seekers to one extent or another. I love these pocket-sized nativities.

Supa Dupa Fresh said...

Thank you, Kim. As I look at my child, I see that adoration means so much more than one day in history, that life is an everyday miracle. And wonder... the star of wonder, the idea of following a quest while knowing nothing, respecting mystery... it's all perfect. Jesus just picked the perfect story, one older than him, didn't he? :-)

Silly Wise Woman said...

Oh yes,you should DEFINITELY make these again. I particularly like the sardine cans. There's a market out there, of that I'm sure.

Supa Dupa Fresh said...

The question was always: can I make enough to get paid more than $2/hour (my hypothetical "artists' wage). It was fun, but....
Thanks for the encouragement though!


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