My Day of the Dead: We’re not religious

If we aren’t religious, why did I sort through seven boxes labeled “holy objects” to get this smorgasbord? Looks like my faith vomited on the ofrenda. But it’s history and relic and color:

Top table, starting from 12:00:
  • Stenciled virgin of Guadalupe on tin paneling, Christmas card from 80s by artist friend, Mark Clark
  • Flanked by two ceramic virgins (local types) from the Aguilar sisters studio near Oaxaca, which we visited on our honeymoon
(Center) Otomi embroidered placemat (folded) from one of Gavin’s 70s trips to Mexico, which holds:
  • Tiny lady of sorrows in black wood frame set up by Gavin for one of our home offerings
  • Portrait of Gavin from my desk at my last job
  • Gavin’s baby moccasins, Navajo, from when they lived in Albuquerque
  • A special stone from his desk
  • One of Frances’s many rosaries, this one in a neat little zippered leather pouch
Continuing from upper right corner:
  • An important book
  • Black Oaxaca vase, Gavin earlier trip to Mexico
  • Tin fish which was our “kitchen god” from our first apartment together
  • JFK pencil sharpener that used to live with the kitchen god on top of
  • A cheat sheet with chords for all his old band’s songs
  • A bronze award from a photo club in the 50s with red candles in it (used to be on kitchen shrine in our first house)
  • Salt from Albuquerque salt-and-paper
  • His yarrow sticks wrapped in some decorative Asian paper
  • (Back to the left corner) Pepper
  • Buddha
  • Angel pin by Gavin, hand drawn on Shrinky Dink material
  • Black Oaxaca pottery mug, earlier trip
  • Shiva
Bottom table, from 12:00:
  • Worry object I made in infertility treatment, red beads and milagro of baby
  • Note I wrote to call baby
  • Photo of him and his mother at one of her many October beach birthday parties
  • Our enormous silver wedding rings we wore during the ceremony and reception, by artist friend Linda Hesh
  • Two miscellaneous rubber duckies (Gavin had a “thing”)
  • Male and female sake cups from Gavin’s desk
  • Broken antique clock from Gavin’s desk
  • Two lucky Chinese cats
  • One of five paper mache skulls painted by little girl
  • His daily wear wedding ring by Linda Hesh
  • Another skull
  • A lock of Short Stack’s baby hair
  • My daily-wear ring
  • A cup with a surprise duckie in it (art)
  • Marigolds
  • Another skull
  • Another small black Oaxaca vase
  • Arm milagro, one of scores of milagros from different countries
  • Suede pouch (Frances) with a modest Navajo raw turquoise necklace in it
Arranged by my daughter, who believes in symmetry, even if it means the wedding rings are on opposite sides of the offering and the salt and pepper have divorced.

Still need to find something to represent my grandmother, something to represent Goldy (did I mention…?), and the skeleton crafts, two sorts, that we made over the weekend from Kim Go’s instructions. Something for Amy. Something for Don. And the Christmas lights from the attic.


gayle said...

where is all the food? the spirits will be tired and hungry from their journey... ;)

Supa Dupa Fresh said...

Food has to go in at the last minute!!! At least, that's my plan.

maria said...

Wow, Supa! It's beautiful, and so rich!


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