Wordless Wednesday: (I have no idea)

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Liv said...

there is an interesting code written on my son's door which details who and when certain people may enter. i've just decided to knock absent any real understanding of what the hell he's trying to say.

Stimey said...

Did the leprechauns sneak in and do that?

www.PoorWidowMe.blogspot.com said...

Did you ask your son what it meant?

Supa Dupa Fresh said...

OK, I got the story: my daughter says that the words say:

"This is how you make
parts of your body" (which really means "this is how your body works")

She explains that the letters are scribbly because they're supposed to look like blood, muscle, and bones. Can someone stop overusing Photoshop in kids' books, please?

The drawing shows someone (wonderful eyeballs emphasixed with arrows) eating, and then pee (right) and poop (left) coming out.

The arms are crossed out to explain that sometimes when you eat something it goes down "the wrong way." Apparently the arms are "the wrong way." When I explained that the "wrong way" is really the lungs, another system in the trunk, the wanted to erase the arms altogether.

Wild, huh?

DharmaDog said...

I LOVE IT@!@@And it's accurate for the development stage of the kid. I hope you are preserving it for posterity.
It's a visual of how the human body works and attempt to figure it all out. AWESOME!


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