(Fragments) Intro, Widows in Social Media (Etc.)

Bitchin’ great weather this summer, until now. My reluctance to quit eating gluten, dairy, and peaches. Or the fact that I have to Mom full time for the two weeks between preschool and K. Whatever is causing my problem, I have a ton of ideas and can’t pull them together.

Maybe it’s also the nature of the subject. I’ve been taking notes on widows in social media for months but nothing coherent or post-like has come together. Given the ADD inherent in Twitter (where I am spending an unfortunate number of little bits of time most days) it might make sense to just take it on the way it is. To post frankly and fast. To inhibit overthinking, for once. To share my (OH GOD) thought process (PRAY).

How about we just pretend that I’ve applied the punkrock ethos of “don’t bother learning your instrument, just get up and play” to writing?

Forthwith, a series of short posts that may or may not fit together.

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Kim said...

Oh! Are posts supposed to have a theme. If you look at life every day there is no theme either just breathing in and breathing out. But then again maybe I write that cause I can't seem to do much more than that. Still in the early stages of this widow thing and well, breathing is triumph.

Supa Dupa Fresh said...


I don't think there are any rules for widowhood OR blogging, at least not any that are worth following. Bloggers can live in our own spaces and make our own rules. As young widows, we are often so isolated, our lives so burnt, that we also can listen and create new ways of doing things. Lucky us, right?

Me, I'm trying to be less of a perfectionist, especially here, and also get some ideas out more quickly. Hence the statement.

Love to you on your journey -- thanks for your blog and for visiting.




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