Proof (Products for an Alternative Valentine's Day)

For several years in the mid-90s I used to sandpaper the mottos off of conversation hearts candies and use food coloring and a teeny, tiny, itty bitty paintbrush to write my own, nasty sayings. It was especially useful because it kept me busy, singing in my garret, after the Christmas craft sales were done.

I sold hundreds, in little boxes of six like the above, and by large handfuls for the occasional party of snarky singles (I don’t think we used to use that word? We’d just say “mean,” right?).

So, now let these pictures serve as proof that I used to actually be funny.
Proof that I have always been somewhat bitter, because I made them fifteen years ago, young and thin, even while I was in love.
Maybe I was fated to be a widow, disappointed, unhappy that others are doing well, pissed to see others in happy true love.

But they’ll also prove that Bittersweets, my version, were made and marketed years ago. You’ll see on the back of each box I’ve painstakingly included the year of copyright with my name (retouched for blogging benefit, but clear on the objects). Because actually, I don’t begrudge anyone their success. I just like to get paid. (Although I will lend the dig that mine are a way lot funnier than most of yours).

You can expect a call from my lawyer.

Also – I used to make these little boxes. It's hard to survive an entire commercial holiday like Valentine's Day with a single product. Imagine the presentation ... it’s funny for about 1 second. Still, at $3 a pop (in 1995 dollars), they moved.

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Widow in the Middle said...

Boy did I need to see this! I've just been back from the grocery store where I've been shooting daggers at all the women I overheard gloat about their husbands. Which then led me to buy a one pound tub of gummi hearts and two Cadbury chocolate bars! Thanks for providing some levity to this weekend and bringing a smile to my gummi stuffed mouth! Sunday will soon be over.

DharmaDog said...

These are just the best! Thanks for sharing.
The last one made me laugh the hardest....

Chillin' with Lemonade said...

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to categorize the links to all the other widow/ers blogs. i spent my Valentine's day following them and reading them.


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