Musical Monday: Show Me by the Pretenders

This song dates from college times, when I never dreamed I'd even want a child. It's such a vision of transcendence amid the awful world, a song that welcomes imperfection with open arms:

"Welcome here from outer space
The Milky Way's still in your eyes..."

It helped me ring in my daughter, so hard to imagine after so many years of work trying to make her real.
And now it strikes me so sad that I describe Gavin's death as him "leaving this world."

And it's that part of my story that I'm up to: comparing the in and out, the birth and the death. Heavy-handed, yes, but for me, at least this song evokes happy tears.

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JohnoMori said...

It is amazing to me the comfort that music can bring you. I credit Bruce Springsteen for basically allowing me to survive my teens; really. Therefore, I owe my brother Frank a huge debt of gratitude for showing up with Born To Run under his arm in 1977, on a trip home from college, when I was 10. I sat in front of the victrola, album jacket on my lap, the entire weekend and memorized every word. I'm glad you like this song. It's a good song.


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