My huge list of blogs by widowed people

If you're grieving, you may be validated and cheered to discover writings by folks who've been there -- and some who are even through. You might even find your "widowhood twin."

If you're outside taking a peek, be warned that many of us "write raw" and we tend to have bizarre senses of humor.

I discover new bloggers every week, and try to keep a fairly comprehensive list, but please note, I leave out many blogs that rarely talk about loss or appear to be dormant, as well as a few extremely fresh ones. I no longer list blogs associated with services or that aren't personal. To add your blog, please use this form.

Most of what I do is connected to the non-profit organization, Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation. They run a WONDERFUL blog with posts by a different widow or widower each day of the week: Widow's Voice. You can also read blogs on Widowed Village, my online community, which is an SSLF program as well.

Please read around and leave comments to show you appreciate what these men and women are sharing! It's not easy, and we have seen how vital our writing can be to folks living through loss, so we can use every bit of support! 

Widowed before 2006

Abel Keogh's Blog
Abigail Carter: the Alchemy of Loss
Adult Onset Adolescence
Ali-Oops!            Ups-a-Maisy!
Barbara Talks
Cie Change
Crash Course Widow
Death is an Impostor
Diary of a Nomad
Drop Dead Life
E. Updates
Evidence of Grace
Forever Changed
Grief Shadows
International Brotherhood of Single Mothers
IronBear's Roadhouse
Jennifer's Writings
Journey to a New Life
Life 2.0
Life is fragile--Handle with prayer
Mars Girl on Two Wheels
Memoirs from Widow Island
My Sainted Dead Husband
Never Left, Never Forgotten
New Life
Paper, Scissors, Keyboard...
Question Mark
Random Thoughts
Rosehip or Prune?
Single Parent Dad
Surviving Middle-Aged Widowhood
The Fabric of my Life
The Merry Widow (U.S.)
Today's Widow
Widow in a Speedo
Widow in Oxfordshire
Widow’s Christian Place
Zoo Talk

Widowed in 2006

After the fire, the fire still burns
Ever Changing Crusades
Food for Thought
Fresh Widow (hi!)
If I could write a book...
Learning to Live
Learning to Live without him
Lessons from Lou
Moments All Mine
More than you ever wanted to know
One More Thing
Poor Widow Me
Snapshots between Raindrops
Sunny sings the blues
The Adventures of a Single Mom
The Cranky Crone and her Wonky Ways
The Heartbreak Diary
Too Young to be Widowed 
Widow Wise

Widowed in 2007

A Widows Walk First Tea @ Five
Changing Lanes
cracks in concrete
Learning to Fly Again, A Widow's Journey
Lessons from Lou
Life Without Lisa
Loving, Living, and Learning
Maritza's Randomness
My Side of the Story
No Promise for Tomorrow
One Breath at a Time
Split-Second Single Father
West Coast Widow

Widowed in 2008

31,536,000 Seconds
A good man is hard to find....and the hardest thing in the world to lose.
A Love Eternal
Aka Mystery Lady
aka Nancy Drew
alive and mortal
Always Remember
And you may ask did I get here?
Chillin' With Lemonade
Chillin' with Lemonade!
Confessions of a 26 year old widow
Crazy Widow
Dan, in real time.
Don't Stop Believin'
Finding My Way
Fry Guy's Thinkerings
Halley Family
I Lost You
Johns' Journeys
Journey to the Center
Life After Death
Life at Moore Cottage
Life's Highway
Losing David
Matt Logelin
Mothering Nature
my free moment
New Paths Forever
Returning to Wholeness
The Susie
The Tale of Two Coins
This After Life
What Now?


Widowed in 2009

A Widow Left Behind
And then there were three
Another Word for Nerd
Boo's Journey through Widowhood
Fresh Bread and Chocolate
Gay Widower at 55
Hands Dance
Healing Art
Home Is with You
I'm Not That Mom
in this place called life
It's Toner Time
Last Season's Fruit
Lengstorf Laire
Life on Grief Street
Live from the 205
Living in the Moment
Lonesome Dove
Mamma Paison-"Funny the Way it Is"
McKay Family Life
Meus Perspicere
Missing Jorge
Moving Forward
My New Reality
My Unknown Journey
No Star in the Sky
Not Even A Wren
Not Part of Our Plan
Not Your Average Widow
P.S. I Love You
Pray For The Lamberths
Regina Holliday's Medical Advocacy Blog
Rollin' with the Rooneys
Rope Burns ~ A Journey
Sarah the suburbanite
Somebody Stop the World
Stop Thief: Don't Steal My Grief
Suddenly a Widow
Suspended Animation: A Suicide Survivor's Blog
Tales of Pain and Pleasure
the art of grief
The Bartak's Blog
The Butterfly
The Melanoma Widow
The Real Hunibuni
The Unwedded Widow
The White Elephant in the Room
The Widow Lady
through a widow's eyes
Us Without You
Where in the World is Tamarah???
Who am I now?
Widow's Walk
Young Christian Widow
Young Widow w/2Boyz
Young Widower and Father


Widowed in 2010

"And I Thought I Loved You Then" ...
2 Peas in the Pod

A Garland for Ashes

A journey of another kind....

A Little Pink in a World of Camo

A Myeloma Widow's Journey

Adam Dee How I Love Thee


An Eternal Butterfly

Beauty for Ashes




Confessions of a Faith Wimp

Corymbia's Mutterings


Everyday Kings

Finding My Way In The Dark....

GorillaSushi Moonlights

Grief Encounter

Help Jon and Tiffany!

Hole in the Sun

Jay Cosnett


Learning to survive...
Leslie Joy Evans
Letters from home
Letters to my husband
Life is Good
Life without Bryan
Missing Bobby: A Widow's Journey
More Than Life Itself
Nothing Gold Can Stay
One Day At A Time
Shelby Shares
The End of the World, and What Follows
The Hour Before Dawn
To Hell and Back
Upside Down Class
Wake me when it's over
Widow Squared
widow taboo
Won't You Ride on With Me?
Young, Widowed & Rebuilding

Widowed in 2011

Mo(u)rning without You


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