Blog hop master post: Widowed people review "Go On," new NBC Matthew Perry sitcom about grieving people

About a week ago I posted a call for entries for a blog carnival of reviews by widowed people of the new Matthew Perry sitcom "Go On," on NBC.

Here are the folks who have written about the show so far! (I've also included posts written before I announced the blog hop). I'd love to include YOUR post, either on Widowed Village or on your own blog (it's not a very hard deadline!), but please email me so I know to add it to this list!

I will be hosting an hour-long Chat Event on Widowed Village next week about the show where everyone can share their thoughts and feelings, not just those who wrote posts about it. All widowed people are welcome to this Chat but you must join the site first (approval takes about a day). You can sign up here
  1. Abel Keogh, first review, and second review
  2. Kim Go, Alive and Mortal
  3. Julia (a childlost Mommy) from Glow in the Woods
  4. Fresh Widow (me)
  5. Widdared from Widowed Village
  6. JoanneF from Widowed Village 
  7. Marsha from Widowed Village
  8. Jacuser from Widowed Village.
  9. Honeyspuddin from Widowed Village.
  10. Sandy, FlyingWG
  11. Janine, One Breath at a Time
  12. EverydayMorning (Sam) from Widowed Village
  13. Choosing Grace Today
  14. Missing Bobby
  15. You? ... or leave your thoughts in the comments, below!
This has been pretty fun, actually, and I'd like to do it again... how about the movie "Best Exotic Marigold Hotel?"


Janine said...

Just saw it for the 3rd time this past weekend. Need to buy it.
Love it.

vedf said...

I do not watch TV that much - News and Netflix for movies so I had no idea that a show of this type was available. I couldn't watch it though - even if TV was my thing. I am a 57 year old widower of about a year now and I just wouldn't want to do it. I did something when I was a kid that even this day haunts me. I walked across a railroad trestle over a busy highway about 200 feet in the air that had no rails or underbed - just the 18-inch wide I-beams that was the support. We all did it on a Dare. If the fall would have not done me in surely a Truck would have got me. To this day I cannot be above 12 feet off the ground. I might be that way forever with my wife. Just keep her in my mind and but put her in the back of my mind. The show would bring her to the forefront and she is gone.

Anonymous said...

Please pray for this recent young widow.



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