Join the blog hop: Widowed people review NBC's "Go On" sitcom

A new NBC sitcom features Matthew Perry of "Friends" mega fame as a young widowed sportscaster. People keep asking me, "what do widowed people think of the show?"

I don't want to say too much about my personal take on the show -- yet * -- but there have already been a few blog reviews by members of my communities and circles so I thought it would make sense to do a Linky, blog hop, blog carnival, or whatever of our thoughts on the show.

I'll be creating a new post in the next few days that contains all the links to those who post. If you're working on a review, please do let me know by THURSDAY OCTOBER 4, when I will publicize that post with everyone's link in it. So, subscribe using the email link over there -----------> or email me direct. If you're not widowed, just state that in the first paragraph of your post.

I'm inviting members of WidowedVillage.org, my online community, to participate. This will be a new thing because many of them aren't used to readers from "outside" even though the site is public.

Looking forward to seeing what a whole roundtable thinks of the show... really! There are some good gags in it.

Here's a quick clip from the show. * * *


* * Dammit, I leaked. OK, I'm saving MOST of it for the review next week!
* * * This is not one of them. * * * *
* * * * I'm signing off before I do any more damage.... 


Karen said...

I meant to watch this, then missed the beginning, but think I'll search it out. And, interestingly enough, I dreamt last night that I played the dead husband card... in a French class... that I'd neglected to attend until the last few weeks... in high school... at my current age (50). OK then...

Lori from San Diego said...

So glad you're doing this Robin. I have watched the show and have been very curious to hear what my widda brothers and sisters have to say about it. Looking forward to the compilation of posts!

Anonymous said...

I think he needs to be in a grief (bereavement) support group where people talk about their losses and how they are doing... the group he is in doesn't seem quite right. Life does go on and the rest may be okay, but I'm not thrilled with the group he is in.

Sandy said...

Are you going to use a link program like inlinkz? I hope so. That way everyone can link up on their own on Thursday and you don't have to do anything.

Supa Dupa Fresh said...

Sandy, I've used Linky apps before and found them rather spammy. Plus I have to post the list twice (on Village and here). So I think I'll do this one by hand.

Not as smexy, but one less new username and password. :-)

Anonymous said...

New to the site and hope to post a blog soon. Not sure what username to use, I have a Yahoo id which maybe I'll use.

Anyway, not a widower yet but all indications are that at age 53 and after 30 years of marriage I will be soon. It's a horribly scary situation for me.

I've been off work for several months to help my wife through this horrible disease she has and because my mental state wont allow me to be at work and be productive. I found it shocking and offensive almost that on this tv show he went back to work after 1 month. How?? Is it some sort of message from greedy corporates that we should suck it up, forget our grief and get back to work? That work is all important and grief isnt?

I think it's a sad indication that work and career takes precedence over everything. I've been told in that past by my employer that family is 1st but when it comes right down to it, do they really believe that? I know I cant work and now I'm faced with trying to jump the many hoops of disability insurance when they seem to think I dont have a "real" disability because it's not so easily defined. My disability is much more disabling than a limb that's been lost, etc. but in an insurance company's eyes, is it really? It's making me somewhat bitter and adding untold stress to an already overly stressful situation.

Great site and I hope to contribute with my story soon.


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