Plastic is Fantastic

If you're going to have a fake tree, you should have a REALLY fake tree.

And if you're going to have a really fake tree, you shouldn't try to color-coordinate or decorate with a "theme." In fact, if your kid decides knotted jute makes a perfect garland on one side, let her go with it. (Sorry, this happened after we took the picture).

And if your tree looks full of frenzied joy already, use a hot-pink scratchy poncho for a tree skirt. The reindeers and bells one would look totally out of place and cotton snow would just disappear against the white needles.

And if you're going to have a really fake tree with wacky tacky ornaments all over it, no symmetry, and a poncho underneath, why bother taking it down on Three Kings' Day?

Gavin and I never got our Christmas cards out in time and usually couldn't even pretend they were meant for the New Year. One year we stamped a heart on them and send them out as Valentines.

Let's see how long Mr. Fresh can stand it. (It's not like he wants the poncho back or anything). :-)

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Snickollet said...

Love it! Very festive.

Widow in the Middle said...

Beautiful, creative tree! It is inspiring me to do something special in the way of decorating during these bleak, cold, dreary January days. I love that you turned your Christmas cards into Valentine's greetings. Too funny. I only send New Year's cards now but skipped this year. This post serves to provide me with the strength to do what I want to do, on my own terms, when I want to. Early in my marriage when the boys were babies, my husband and I opened our gifts on New Year's Eve instead of Christmas. It gave me more time to prepare. Once I put our tree up on Dec. 26th - better late than never. And I've had a number of trees that were up into Feb., and even one in March. Bravo for your fun and fighting spirit. You sent it out and I've caught some of it.

Unknown said...

When I saw that picture posted before, I oohed and ahhed over the bright white branches. White is such a delightful palette upon which to place so many delightful colors and styles.

It manages to look very, very festive and taken as a whole is a joy to behold.


Abigail said...

That is one awesome tree!


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