Widows' Testimonials about Health Care

I’ve asked widows and widowers I know to share their experiences with the health care system in America. I thought we’d have unique perspective because many of us have had more experience than the average American with health care and end-of-life decisions.

The list below shows everyone who's participated so far, but please note, the project is ongoing. I’d love to have your participation using your own blog, Facebook, or another medium. If you need some help using the index linking service, or if you have other questions, please write to me direct (Supa DOT Dupa DOT fresh AT gmail DOT com).Here is the list of entries -- go ahead and add your post in the fields below.

More details and some questions and answers are in this post.

If you are interested in participating -- by sharing your experience with the U.S. Health care system or health insurance -- please write to me direct at supa.dupa.fresh AT gmail DOT com.


Widow in the Middle said...

I am glad you postponed this because I would like to add my story about the need for health care after a spouse's death when you can't afford it. But I may need to contact you for help on how to link my post to yours if I can't figure it out.

hunibuni said...

I understand bits and pieces of this, but I really didn't have a "end of life" discourse when I lost Richard. But, I suppose that the last 10 months were looking back. My heart goes out to you because I suppose, if there was a measure of such things, that watching Gavin die a piece at a time while he valiantly fought to stay at your side, is worse than the speed at which Richard was called home.
My only hope is that stories like ours can open a real and non politicized dialogue between real people about real issues.
I did make my deadline. ;-P

Roads said...

I'm with you, totally. We skip around this stuff. We deny death at every turn.

Living with death changes that perspective completely. I'm not sure just how ready unaffected folks are to embrace the jump, but like you I'm keen to help them try.


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